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As Governor, Angel Taveras will honor the service and sacrifice of our military veterans and their families by ensuring they receive needed support when they return home.

Mayor Taveras understands that transitioning to civilian life is hard enough for returning veterans without having to call a myriad of phone numbers for assistance or worrying about whether there will be a job or a place to live waiting for them on their return. As Mayor of Providence, he dedicated a full time staff member to assist military veterans and their families – making Providence the only city in Rhode Island to have an employee solely dedicated to veterans affairs. As Governor, Angel will ensure that Rhode Island’s veterans and military families receive the assistance and support they need.

As Governor, Angel will:

  • Elevate the Rhode Island Division of Veterans Affairs to a cabinet-level department answering directly to the Governor’s Office.
  • Add staff to the new Rhode Island Department of Veterans Affairs to pre-emptively reach out to returning veterans on a monthly basis to ensure they are aware of the state and federal programs available to them.
  • Create a program to encourage local businesses here in Rhode Island to hire 2,000 veterans and military spouses over the next four years.
  • Allocate funding to increase the amount of affordable rental housing stock available to veterans.
  • Hire additional caseworkers to assist returning veterans filing federal disability claims and provide bridge loans to veterans stuck in the federal backlog while they wait for claims to be processed.

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