Taxes & Spending

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As Mayor of Rhode Islands capital city, Angel Taveras eliminated a $110 million budget deficit and successfully averted municipal bankruptcy.

When Providence Mayor Angel Taveras faced a $110 million budget deficit that threatened to push the City of Providence into insolvency, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work.  Mayor Taveras cut spending, negotiated new, precedent-setting agreements with Providence’s tax-exempt hospitals and universities and transformed a $110 million deficit into a $1 million budget surplus.  As Governor, Angel will manage Rhode Island’s finances responsibly, eliminate government waste and prioritize investments in economic development, education and public safety.

As Governor, Angel will:

  • Work closely with each and every municipality in Rhode Island to implement best practices in efficient operations management, helping cities and towns realize cost savings through regionalization, cooperative buying, and the streamlining of administrative functions.
  • Conduct a top-to-bottom audit of Rhode Island’s unemployment and temporary disability insurance program and, within sixty days of taking office, provide concrete recommendations for reform.
  • Lead a comprehensive review of the state budget so that we can expand on programs that work, eliminate those that don’t and ensure our financial resources are being used most effectively.