Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

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Mayor Angel Taveras was the first Mayor in Rhode Island history to create a dedicated Office of Sustainability within city government.

As Mayor of Providence, Angel and his Office of Sustainability have boosted citywide recycling rates, transformed vacant and blighted land into community gardens and created the City’s first-ever municipal composting program.  Now, as a candidate for Governor, Angel is committed to making Rhode Island a national leader in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices.

As Governor, Angel will:

  • Achieve 40% renewables by 2030. Reduce Rhode Island’s reliance on fossil fuels by investing in renewable sources of energy.
  • Ensure access to fresh, local, affordable food. Encourage development of community gardens and urban farms, and foster local agriculture development through state procurement policies.
  • Expand Green & Healthy Homes Initiative. Ensure housing stock is energy efficient, safe and healthy.
  • Support local sustainability efforts. Develop strategies for municipalities to save tax dollars and reduce carbon footprint through investments in energy efficiency.
  • Enact a comprehensive organic waste master plan. Create Rhode Island’s first coordinated plan to divert food and organic waste to composting operations.
  • Extend the life of the Central Landfill. Cultivate and recruit recycling businesses to help reduce waste and turn recyclable goods in new products.
  • Reduce the state’s carbon footprint and prepare for climate change. Direct state agencies to work together to develop a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 85% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Read “Preserving Rhode Island,” Angel’s Environmental Sustainability Plan Here