Infrastructure, Transportation & Schools

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As Governor, Angel Taveras will put Rhode Islanders back to work rebuilding our outdated bridges, highways and transportation systems, and schools.   

Mayor Taveras understands that Rhode Island’s small businesses need access to safe and reliable infrastructure in order to move goods and attract customers.  That’s why, as Mayor, Angel embarked on a $40 million comprehensive infrastructure project to rebuild more than 65 miles of city roads.  As Governor, Angel will work with the General Assembly to implement a long overdue transportation funding formula that addresses our maintenance needs in a systematic and financially responsible way.

As Governor, Angel will:

  • Launch the Ocean State Infrastructure Trust,” Rhode Island’s first state infrastructure trust designed to spur the redevelopment of roads, bridges, parks and local water and sewer systems. Rather than let politicians decide which roads to pave and bridges to fix, Angel will bring a common sense approach and ensure that maintenance is done based on need.
  • Embark on a campaign to renovate and upgrade Rhode Island’s public schools, in tandem with the expiration of Rhode Island’s school construction moratorium and in the context of each district’s master facility plans.  With requirements for local hiring and the sourcing of goods and services from companies owned by minorities and women, this campaign will put Rhode Islanders back to work, while ensuring that all of our children have access to twenty-first century school facilities.
  • Champion Rhode Islands public transportation system, recognizing that every dollar invested in public transit returns an estimated six dollars in economic benefit.