Equal Opportunity for All

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Angel Taveras believes in a Rhode Island where individuals from all backgrounds are treated fairly under the law. 

Mayor Angel Taveras grew up on the south side of Providence where he was raised by a mother who worked second shift to give him and his siblings the opportunity to pursue their dreams.  Mayor Taveras went from Head Start to Harvard on his way to becoming Mayor of Providence.  As a candidate for Governor, Angel is committed to ensuring equality for all Rhode Islanders.

As Governor, Angel will:

  • Fight to protect the right of all Rhode Islanders – including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Rhode Islanders – to marry the person of their choice.
  • Fight to protect the right of women to access a full range of contraceptive choices, including the choice to end an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy.
  • Ensure women in Rhode Island are paid an equal and fair wage by updating our wage discrimination laws and strengthening penalties for violators.
  • Push for comprehensive immigration reform and ensure that all Rhode Islanders, regardless of their immigration status, have the opportunity to obtain a drivers license.